Maxine Shore & Joseph Zogorski

Maxine Shore and Joseph Zogorski are members of the Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville where they regularly exhibit their work.

Maxine Shore

Holding onto the memory of a special place, in a particular time, is why I paint. Painting a familiar scene resonates with me as it brings to mind wonderful memories. But I am also inspired to paint unfamiliar settings because I’m dazzled by colors, light, or unique feelings I have from being surrounded by unexpected

Even when a painting is representational there exits an abstract dynamic below the surface. Exploring the interplay of shapes, patterns of lights and darks, and composition all contribute to the final outcome.

So many moments escape our notice because we are caught up in the ordinariness of daily life. My purpose in painting is to freeze those fleeting scenes and to invite you to share them with me.

Joseph Zogorski

Joseph Zogorski has been photographing this region’s special landscape for over two decades. His love for the land dates to childhood excursions to his grandfather’s small farm in Newtown Township, Bucks County. An award winning photographer, Joseph has also worked as a photojournalist. His photographs are in use on IMDb and numerous websites, with an increasing number of prints in private collections. Joseph finds respite from the problems in our world via his camera lens and the satisfaction of reproducing these scenes as high quality archival prints.