Rolling Harvest Food Rescue (RHFR)

On April 24 2017, Caffe Galleria & Market will donate a portion of all sales to go directly to Rolling Harvest Food Rescue. Please enjoy a delicious meal knowing you’re part of the solution. 

Rolling Harvest Food Rescue (RHFR)Rolling Harvest Food Rescue (RHFR) was founded in 2010 when Cathy Snyder was volunteering at a local food pantry (Fisherman’s Mark), seeing mostly canned and dry goods being offered to the food-insecure and financially struggling families coming for food. Snyder wanted to provide healthier, fresher food choices at the food pantry, so she started asking for donations of fresh produce at a local Farmer’s Market.  She quickly realized that going directly to the farmers at their own locations and at each farmer’s convenience resulted in significantly larger amounts and varieties.


Since those early days, RHFR has grown and expanded, providing more than 1,300,000 pounds of fresh, locally-grown food from 32 farm partners.  RHFR fills the logistical gap by collecting fresh, mostly organic produce and meats donated from our generous farm partners when it is most convenient for the farmer, growing long-term relationships with farmers, food producers and the hunger-relief sites we serve. We deliver, free-of-charge, to more than 60 food pantries and other hunger-relief sites that lack access to fresh produce.  The quality and variety of locally grown foods RHFR “rescues” and delivers, are mostly out of the reach financially for both the pantries and the families we help.  RHFR is committed to helping our growing list of partner hunger-relief sites provide better and healthier food choices for their client families.

Eat Locally, Help Locally

Rolling Harvest Food Rescue Statistics 

“Our goal is to increase access to donated fresh produce and other healthy food to area hunger-relief sites that serve the at-risk, food-insecure population by providing local farmers and food producers with free, effective delivery and distribution.”