The Story

A local stained glass artist’s love of coffee, art and community brought about a locals favorite restaurant since 1995

Dawn Raia co-owned a stained glass studio in New Hope, PA in the early 1990s. She loved being in the river towns of New Hope and Lambertville, but felt that there was nowhere for local artists to go, showcase their work, “talk shop”, so to speak and enjoy a good cup of coffee or Dawn’s favorite, a macchiato. Caffe Galleria opened at 93 South Main Street in 1995. Caffe (with two ‘f’s) in recognition of Dawn’s Italian heritage and Galleria for the art gallery. It wasn’t long before artists and locals alike came to enjoy their espressos, share their stories and enjoy the artwork and live music that Dawn brought to the shop. The menu started when customers would come in, see Dawn eating her lunch and comment on how good it looked or how delicious it smelled and they would want to order what she was eating. What better way to bring people together than with food; delicious, healthy food? Hence the Mediterranean style menu of vegetarian delights and carnivore favorites came to life and still continues at Caffe Galleria today.